Our experienced transport technicians, backed up by our stellar customer service team, can make sure you get what you need to be moved where you need it with no worries or hassle. Just follow the links below to get a free quote and get started! We can help you move anywhere in the US lower 48, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico.

Before the driver arrives, make sure you do the following:
  • Clean the exterior and interior of your vehicle.
  • Make sure you have a minimal amount of fuel in your tank; a quarter tank or less is sufficient. 
  • If your vehicle is going to a cold climate, make sure you have winterized your vehicle by adding antifreeze. 
  • Secure any loose items such as camper shells, truck bed liners, and cargo/ski racks. 
  • All antennas including phone, radio, and CB that do not retract, MUST be removed or they may get broken. 
  • Disconnect auto alarms, anti-theft systems, and radar detectors.
    (To see a complete list please view our car shipping checklist)  

When the driver arrives to pick up your vehicle he will perform a detailed inspection and note any vehicle damage, car dings, scratches, or defects of your vehicle on a Bill of Lading. Both the person releasing the vehicle and the driver will sign this Bill of Lading and one copy is left at the vehicle point of origin. The same Bill of Lading will be present on delivery so that the vehicle can be re-inspected before it is released.

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“Henry was upfront and truthful about every step in the process! For a person who does not trust anyone, I totally trust Henry! The price for the transport was what he told me, and not a penny more! The car arrived on time, and only took 4 days! It arrived with no damage. I wish the rest of my move went this smoothly!! I must have called him 20 times and asked him questions; he answered all of them with kindness even if they were stupid ones!”
Cross Country Move
Kathy W.